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Get Fit: Work Out of the Day (WOD)

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Waiter walk -1 lap per arm (use at least 25lb weight)
Goblet squat 10-15reps (use at least a 35lb weight)
T-push ups 10-20reps
Band chop 10reps per side
TRX Row I 10reps
Suicide Sprint

Rest as needed, then stretch.
Make sure to get your body warmed up and heart rate going before you start the work out. Try these exercises as a warm up:
-hop left to right 20x
-hop up and down 20x
-band walk 10x per side
-hop top left to bottom right 10x
-hop top right to bottom left 10x
-pull apart band 15x
-hop in square (top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left) 10x
-squat to stand 10x

Make sure to rest (if needed) in between exercises and drink as much water before, during and after any work out! Good luck and make it fun! 🙂

Maryjane S.

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