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How to Choose a Good Life-Partner!


I recently read about parents teaching their children how to choose a good husband/wife.. I thought this was great and wished I was given advice such this when I was younger, but then I realized, it’s never too late to learn! So I am hoping that my thoughts on this subject will become a motivation to some…

Naturally, you would think that a “chemistry” is what every couple should have. But what is “chemistry” supposed to be? I am hoping that most of us will agree that it’s beyond the physical attraction (although I’m sure some may beg the differ ;P ). We all grow up in different homes so we develop different ideas, don’t forget influences of parents! Although there are many topics to address, I think in short, personality differences, religious differences and learning how to negotiate and solve issues are things people should consider when choosing a life-partner.

As we get older and wiser, we start to realize that it’s ok to look for someone beyond the surface because the “bigger picture” is– we all want to share that “happily ever after” with someone 🙂


Feedback welcome! :)

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