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Get Fit: Morning WOD!

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Do this work out starting with 12reps per exercise. Your next round should be 11reps per exercise then 10reps; 9reps.. So on… Just count down your reps until you finish at 1rep per exercise. You’ll feel your heart rate racing before you know it! Such a great way to start your morning!!! S/O to The Fitness Tech in San Bruno for existing ( 😉

To get more intensity, try using a 15-20lb medicine ball for the jump squats and take less breaks in between each exercise ☺️

Lastly, make sure to do a 5-10min warm up to avoid any injuries. Consume a nice meal with protein post-work out. And be sure to drink plenty of h20 through out the day 🙂

Happy WOD! TGIF!!

Feedback welcome! :)

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