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food-donations I recently signed up to take on the CAN DO CHALLENGE.. what is it?? It’s is part of this amazing annual event, “Turkey Trot” presented by Applied Materials Silicon Valley. Last year enough canned food was donated to help create 12,776 meals for the hungry. The goal is 20,000 meals for 2013. By donating 4 cans of food, you can help fight hunger! Check out for more info or if you’re interested in registering for the race!!!!! =) As one of the participants in the 10k run (my very first by the way..) I decided to make it a goal and bring a minimum of 100 cans of food to the event. I am super excited about the race, but I was more motivated to participate because I really wanted to do this project and help the organization reach their goal of creating more meals for the hungry this year. I am always so busy with life in general that I don’t get to do as many meaningful things as I should be doing, so I think this is a great opportunity! Once I am done this with project, I do look forward to making time for more! Giving back isn’t a once a year thang! 😉 Wish me luck! Happy Thanksgiving All!!! (Acts 20:35)


RESULTS!!! (posted after 11/28/13):
The Turkey Trot race was a great experience! After 2-months of training, I was able to complete the 10k run under 1hr and without any stops! I am really glad I was able to participate in this event. More so, I am happy to announce that I’ve collected a total of 141 food cans.. WOOHOO!!!! I am so grateful for everyone (family, friends, co-workers, others) who supported, donated and took time to help me with this project. It’s such a rewarding feeling to know we all have contributed to feeding more people, brothers and sisters, on Thanksgiving Day. I am looking forward to doing this again next year! God bless to everyone 🙂


Feedback welcome! :)

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