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Love the Life you Live: Thirty.

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On September 24th, 2013, I turned 30-years old. It seems typical to be blogging about this age, but I’ve been fairly optimistic about it! Turning 30 wasn’t just about being another year older, but a reflection on all the things that has made me who I am today, and everything God has done to get me through the years before 30 and what He has yet to do to get me ready to be a better individual going into the years ahead. Thirty has given me a reason to make some changes in my life. Nothing too crazy or anything like that, just simply “going back”. I know this sounds weird because we’re always taught to move forward, but there’s a good explanation why I’m saying this.

After reflecting on many years before turning 30, I remember the time when I was first introduced to Christianity. I was really interested and always asked my Christian friend questions about his faith. My curiosity lead me to attending services and crying during the pastor’s sermon. I didn’t know what type of tears they were, but I knew I was uplifted and motivated from it. Eventually, I wanted to learn more. I started to read the Bible and other books about faith, and attended more sermons and talked with my friend more about following Jesus. Soon enough, I decided to stop any act of profanity, drunkenness and started to practice celibacy. Seems a lot, I know, but not really. I could’ve done more, but those changes were good because it was enough for me to begin a new chapter in my life. And this became one of the biggest turning point for me. So I least thought, until I lost touch with my Christian friend and got distracted with some difficult times. I know we shouldn’t have any regrets, but if I could, I would say this would be mine. Yes, I did make those changes in my life, but I did it for me. What I didn’t do was make the commitment to serve the Lord.

Realizing this has already given me hope to start over. I am committed to “going back” and this time to serve the Lord and not myself. How? I can’t really say yet, but I did learn that “making your life count” is always a good way to start. Because it is simply forgotten, I would like to share and remind for those reading this that we were created to do something great with our lives- something like Jesus did. And in order to do something, we need to allow Him to do something through us.

“God has to first do something in you before He can do something through you” -Miles McPherson

I know it’s been a few months since I’ve turned 30, but I still wanted to share this because it feels really good. It’s refreshing to feel uplifted and motivated again. I started reading my books again and doing research at every chance I can get. I am still on a mission to find a Christian community here in SF, so this is definitely a goal I want to accomplish by next year. It would be nice to have more support and also meet people to share my walk with God.

#embrace30 #makeyourlifecount

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