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Get Fit: How to Balance a Strength Training & Running Schedule?

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IMG_0003 If you’re a runner and love to do strength work outs, or vise versa, you’ll be able to relate to today’s post. I used to be all about strength work outs (crossfit, cross training, etc.) and then I wanted to be a runner and train for races (my next goal is a half!). So I started running. I downloaded Runkeeper App ( and I follow a running schedule. It’s awesome! I definitely recommend it. However, I’ve been finding some challenges training for a run and maintaining energy to complete a strength work out. For the past six months I’ve just been running more and doing very little strength work out. A few months ago I noticed that a lot of  my muscles have sort of disappeared, definitely disappointing for me, so I decided that I needed to find ways to balance my strength training and running schedule. I researched and got advised from some of my fitness gurus. I also read a good article from one of my favorite magazines ( Check it out, you might find t useful 🙂

This post is to share with you my plan for the next 2-3 months. In a nutshell, here’s my plan:

Mondays & Wednesdays: Strength Days // Tuesdays & Thursdays: Running Day // Fridays: R&R day // Saturdays: Running Day *this run will be spent outdoors as the goal will be long distance. I love scenic routes! Let me know if you have recommendations // Sundays: Strength Day

To maximize my strength work out, I’ve decided to sign up again at The Fitness Tech ( Check them out if you’re near the SSF/San Bruno area. Gary and Eric (owners) are great. The vibe is welcoming and prices are reasonable. Oh and the work outs are GREAT! Here’s the work out we did today, feel free to try it on your own. If you want more, I would recommend doing a trial month with them.

Atomic push-up x 10-1 (this means reps are by count down…so 1st set is 10, 2nd set is 9, 3rd set is 8, so on) // then do.. Medicine ball jump squat x 8reps –repeat until you complete this work out before moving on to the next exercise below–

Hip hinge (or deadlifts) with kettle bell x 10-1 // then do.. Ski jumpers x 16 (8 per leg)

TRX row (elbows out) x 10-1 // then do.. Ropes x 30 alternating

Packing all this work out into a week may feel overwhelming, but if you commit and remind yourself your goals, it will become part of your lifestyle. That’s the ultimate goal! You should also try to mark your work outs in your calendar and treat it just like any other appointments/meetings you have. This should help… Oh I didn’t mention yet but a good diet is also a must, so make sure you pack on the proteins, smart carbs, and plenty of H2O 🙂

Feel free to follow along on my plan for the next 2-3 months. I’ll be posting more of my work outs soon! Thanks for reading and hope this has been helpful to you. Have a great weekend!!!


MJ 🙂

Feedback welcome! :)

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