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Get Fit: Want an intense work out?

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As promised from my last “get fit” post, here’s one of the strength work outs I completed this week. I definitely recommend giving this work out a try, but some equipment may not be accessible to you, so I recommend doing a trial with The Fitness Tech ( If you’re a beginner, I would highly recommend joining TFT and getting some personal coaching on the fundamentals. If you have a regular gym membership, don’t be shy getting tips from the trainers there. It’s really important to know/learn fundamentals in order to fully benefit from the exercise, plus it will prevent from injuries 😉

Other than the strength work out below, I was also able to go running as part of my cardio. I ran 2x/week and completed at least 4.5 miles each day.


Take little to no rest in between. Drink lots of H20. If you start feeling pain, stop immediately (you could be doing the exercise with wrong techniques). Be safe. If in doubt, do more research on “how to do these exercises properly”.

I would love to hear your feedback if you actually get a chance to try this work out! Will keep you posted on my work out next week! Have fun and thanks again for reading 🙂



“The Prowler”


A1. Slider Arms 50x –if you’re at home, use moving sliders. Place them under each hand, get on plank position and slide up your right hand while keeping your hips in place (let your core do the work). Return to plank position and alternate with your left arm. Complete 50 times, each arm. You can complete all at once (but I wouldn’t suggest that!). The best option is to complete the exercise in increments and super set with the exercise below; 10x and do 5 rounds.

A2. Goblet Squat 100x — use at least a 25lbs weight (for women, 40lbs weight for men). Again, you can choose to complete this at once (but not suggested!). The best option is to alternate this exercise with the Slider Arms; complete 20 reps each round.

B1. Prowler Push — I pushed with total 115lbs (sledge is additional 45lbs).. Chris (left photo) pushed 240lbs. Do this 5 times!! (Alternate with exercise B2 below)

B2. TRX Row (palms in) 100x –if you’re at home, you can substitute with military style push-ups.

C. Sprint 5x –200 meter should work!!

Feedback welcome! :)

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