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MJS Weddings: Carisse & Chris’ Wedding at The Brazilian Room at Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA (part 1)

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What a blessed week! I set a new record for coordinating a wedding in FOUR days!!! 😉 Yes, of course it was tough and hard work. But what’s most important is that my friends were able to relax and enjoy the most special day of their lives with their family and loved ones! It is always a blessing to witness two people in-love, both with kind hearts,  dedicate and commit themselves to one another. I know it’s not easy for many people to just hand over your wedding to someone else’s hands; and for that, I am blessed to have their trust…

Carisse and Chris are very simple and down-to-earth kind of people but blessed with awesome talents. Chris is a talented singer/artist with a great passion for his music and his group, Legaci (http://wearelegaci.com) and Carisse is a woman with many talents herself, creativity is definite one of them! Everyone should know, many of her wedding elements was DIY (check out her bouquet in the photos below!) and super cute! But what makes them a good fit for each other is their relationship and faith with God. I said it already but will say it again, “beautiful wedding; beautiful view; beautiful people”  #abadboyandgirl

One of the best moments…. can you guess what it is??? 🙂

IMG_2471 Image

Bride being serenaded by her hubby, Chris, and the gang Legaci (http://wearelegaci.com)

IMG_2476 IMG_2475

IMG_2480IMG_2477 IMG_2484 IMG_2483

IMG_2472 IMG_2489 IMG_2474

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Feedback welcome! :)

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