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#Engage31: Let’s Talk Wedding Planning!

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Being an engaged gal can extremely be busy and overwhelming! But I promised some of you that I would share this journey, and I have looked forward to sharing my wedding planning journey with you. So no matter what the delay is or how extremely busy I get, I will get my wedding contents out to share! =) Quick side note… I’ve been planning weddings for several years now and as a Bride-to-be, I can truly empathize to every bride out there.
As a wedding planner, most people might think I’m already done with my wedding planning (Ha, I wish!), or I already have everything I need, but the most common assumption of all, is that I don’t need any help. Well… guess what??!! NONE OF THIS IS TRUE (at least, not in my case!) Yes, of course a wedding is one of the most important events in our lives, and we (brides) want our vision to be as perfect as possible, but what is also important and needed the most are feedback, advise, and major support and encouragement from those we care for and love. I know this not because I’m a wedding planner, I know this because I am a Bride-to-be =)

Now down to business… so he finally “put a ring on it”. Ahhh, so exciting!! Now comes another big question.. What’s next? Duh! Wedding planning. Most brides will dive right into it, which is awesome, but before you do, below are a few things I did after my own engagement, and also some of my favorite tips from other brides. Happy reading!

1. Embrace (my favorite word) your engagement! Soak it in, stare at your ring ;), practice saying “my fiancé” (it sure took me awhile haha), but seriously, enjoy the moment. The rumors are true, time will go by fast and once you start planning, there’s no stopping in between. But you only get to start once, and trust me, there is time to plan no matter how long or short your engagement is. I got engaged in September and didn’t start my planning until end of Dec/now (yes, 2-3 months after). Chris and I went to Cancun, treated it as our “engagement-moon”. It was a nice time spent with each other. We totally soaked in our “engagement glow” 🙂

2. Start reading… wedding magazines, that is! 😉 Look through the latest wedding magazines and browse through the newest trends. You’ll never know what fun and unique ideas you might stumble upon. I know I did, and it was so fun learning new ways to be creative! A few of my favorite wedding magazines are The Knot, Martha Stewart and Today’s Bride.

3. The big picture. The first step of accomplishing this is by jotting your ideas down and prioritizing. Oh and make sure to include your fiancé in this process. It’s his wedding, too! 😉

4. Surprise your guests! I’m sure you’ve been to several weddings, so what would be more fun than making yours stand out with unique and sensational style!?! Do it! There’s so much you can do. You just need to make time to think and plan for it.

5. Cliche, but stay organized and sane. As I said in the beginning, wedding planning can be SO exciting –but also exhausting. It’s really easy to get caught up in the small details and loose focus on the big picture. I highly suggest finding professional help or the right app for you to keep you in check and prepare for your big day, regardless where you are.

Please follow my “#Engage31” series as I’m planning to share and break down as much of the wedding planning process as I can, into an easier and less intimidating way to plan the BIG day! This is not just for the Brides-to-be, it’s for anyone who love weddings! But if you are a bride-to-be, or a bridesmaid, or someone just attending, then my hope is that you come across this series and learn a little bit more than what you already know about weddings and learn that wedding planning can be/and is truly a fun & exciting process! Yes, of course there’s a lot of work involved (not gonna lie ;P), which is more of a reason I am sharing my journey. I hope you find this helpful!

What’s then best wedding planning tip you’ve heard or received???


  • You’ve snagged my attention so far, I am looking forward to your continued posts throughout your planning process. I am the Event Coordinator for Tarrywile Mansion in Danbury CT and am looking for blogs, helpful hints and tips that I can share with my prospective brides-to-be. Looking forward to more…


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