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Nursery Room (Boho, Shabby Chic, Florals, Arrows & Scriptures)

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Nesting is like theraphy in every woman’s pregnancy life! I recently completed my baby girl’s nursery and glad I was able to make time for this before her arrival. I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories about my time shifting and not being able to do anything once baby is born. So I can only imagine what life will be like when I’m a full time Mama 💖😍
In the process of my nesting, my mind changed a lot. My initial ideal was to paint the room with teal but I chose coral instead and accent with teal. That’s just one example! I had many indecisive moments haha but only because I love details!! 😍 But the most important thing I learned with this project is to do what works best for the room and make it personal. I like being able to explain why I have this frame up here and why that object is there ☺️ I hope I was able to inspire you today!!!

Feedback welcome! :)

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