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Maui Trip 2017

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“Mahalo” and just like that, our Maui trip is over! When you’re enjoying your time, 4 days will surely fly. An extra day on the island would’ve made it better for sure! Though it was short, our Maui experience was amazing and had us wanting more.

Here’s quick notes from our trip:

*We stayed at Andaz Hyatt. Great view. Great food – we had breakfast from Ka’ana Kitchen – we ate there every morning and didn’t get tired of it! 😂 Lots of pool area. Awesome vibes and customer service from every staff. Being in hospitality, this is big. Every turn we made, the staff noticed us and attended to our needs. Maybe it helped that we had a cute baby with us hehe, they loved Jadine!😍 Seriously, one of the best hospitality service I’ve ever received! 👏🏻👍🏼🙌🏼

*Soon as we touched down Maui, we made our way to Geste Shrimp 🍤 and it was delicious 😋 we didn’t waste time and got some Shaved Ice 🍧 from Ululani’s – one of the best spots!🙌🏼 We tried going out for dinner, but sadly, Jadine woke up from her sleep and we had to go back. We learned quickly that when on vacation, our schedule is dictated by baby – most of the time! Keep reading to learn how we managed😉

*Day 2, we had breakfast at Ka’ana Kitchen. We did the buffet and it was delicious! 😋 I loved all the fruits especially the lychees and papayas. I loved the way they cooked their bacon 🥓 nice & crispy! They had a good selection of pancakes, waffles and donuts with this mango sauce that’s full of goodness! Yummmmmmmm 👅 Right after breakfast, we headed to Maui Ocean Center. Jadine saw a lot of different fishes 🐟, sharks 🦈, turtles 🐢, pretty coral reefs, jelly fishes, and more! We spent a good couple of hours here. Our next stop was Baby Beach 🌊 we setup our beach tent and dressed Jadine in her swim suit. The ocean water was baby friendly but Jadine didn’t like it much lol 😂 she preferred laying out in the tent with me while playing with her toy. She also preferred just being in her diaper! Lol 😆 We finished our day with dinner at Monkey Pod. This place played live music and had good vibes. It was a big loud so we requested to be sat out in the patio where it was quieter and more chill. We ordered their most popular wood grill pizza 🍕, jalapeño mashed potatoes, mac n cheese! Food was great 👍🏼

*Day 3, after breakfast 🍳 we headed to Turtle Beach to see some turtles 🐢 apparently, they come out later in the afternoon so we only saw a couple chilling on the surface of the water. Instead of laying out, we played in the water with our feet in the sand. I had Jadine in the baby carrier the whole time while I carried an umbrella. We watched the waves (not as baby friendly) and Daddy while he took videos of the turtles with his phone. After an hour, we decided it was time to go. We didn’t realize how close we were to Mamas Fish House. We were supposed to go there for a late dinner but with baby’s bedtime schedule, we knew we wouldn’t make it so we took advantage of our time and headed straight there after the beach! Luckily, Jadine fell asleep and napped the whole time we ate. We actually enjoyed a nice early dinner 😉 Everything was so good! We had Mahi-mahi and lobster tail. But the dessert was the best! (See below for pics). After we ate, we headed to Wailea Shopping Center to buy some souvenirs. Since it was our last night, we decided to hang out after we put Jadine to sleep. My hubby setup our phones with a baby monitor app so we could still keep an eye out in case baby woke up lol 😂 We hung out at the pool and got some drinks and food at the bar. It was a nice night cap of the day!

*Day 4 (last day 😩), we decided to keep it low key. Breakfast and just hung out at the pool. It was a nice way to end our trip 😊

In conclusion, we got a good taste of Maui love and can’t wait to go back!! 😍😉😊😋🤗

Feedback welcome! :)

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