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Trust what is meant to be

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I’ve always dreamed of having my own family but never did I think seven years ago that I would be where I am today — in the arms of my true love ❤️ and carrying this precious gift. Many may not know but I was once at a point when I basically gave up on finding real love and true happiness but through prayer & patience, I knew I should keep my trust in God. At 27 years old, God showed me where I was supposed to be. It’s crazy where trials & errors of life takes us and what happens when we continue to walk by faith – even when we feel we’re at the very bottom of lows. My hope for everyone is to find the same true love & happiness I found in Chris ❤️️ My prayer is for everyone to always trust on what is meant to be 🙏🏽

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MJ & Chris Wedding Highlight Video / Palm Event Center, Pleasanton CA

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Some things are worth the wait… buying a house, getting that job, going on that memorable trip, but most of all, finding the love of your life and yes – marrying him! Our wedding highlight video not only takes me back to a very special day. It takes me back to the time when Chris Dacoron and I found each other and fell in-love.
Great things have happened and we’ve shared so much this year. Though this video is overdue, it’s 100% worth the wait and it has to be shared – we hope you enjoy it!! 😉
Thank you to our best friends and love ones who shared this day with us. Kudos to our photographer and videographer, especially the editor (see credits at end of video). Our wedding day will be forevermore remembered
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Wedding Anniversary Tradition

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Getting married last year was definitely one of the best days of my life! For our first year anniversary, I wanted us to do something special – something we can do every year to remember our wedding day by. Taking photos at our wedding venue last week and recreating one of the wedding photos we took from the wedding meant so much. It brought back fun memories from our wedding day and special moments we shared with our family and friends. We look forward to taking this same photo next year! 

We can’t believe how fast time has gone by and now we are celebrating 365 days of our love/marriage. It feels great to have made it one year as husband and wife. We’re so humbled and honored that God made us for each other and with His help, we pray to be the best husband and wife to each other for all the days of our lives. Thank you to our dear God, to our family and friends. We’ve been blessed with so much, and this is only Year One. We cannot wait for the years ahead – to celebrate “forevermore” years of our love! 🙂
Venue: Palm Event Center in Pleasanton Ca

Photo credit: Dennis Garcia of Studio Dizon Photography 

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MJS WEDDINGS: Reel Video of Frances & Gable Wedding, Berkeley CA – Sat. August 25, 2014

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I am so excited to share this!! It’s been 8 months since my dear cousin, Frances married the love of her life, Gable, and finally, we get to re-live their wedding day. I’ve been anxious to see this video because when I see Frances and Gable together, I truly see so much love and compassion between them, so I couldn’t wait to see this again. Sure enough, our videographer, Xander and Carlos, captured the great love that Frances and Gable have for each other. One word – beautiful.

Congrats Frances and Gable! Thank you a million times for allowing me to be a part of your special day 🙂

Video credits:
Xander Burgos (former XNDRBRG Videography)

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Chris’ Spot: Pre-Marriage Class

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Hello everyone! My name is Chris, and I am MJ’s fiancé. This is my first post in MJ’s blog, and I thought it would be cool to share some things about pre-marriage class we started attending last month.

We started going to the classes because as you already know, we are currently planning our wedding and we want to make sure we get to know the pastor who will be marrying us, but most importantly, we want to make sure we learn and know exactly what we need to do before marriage. Now, the funny thing is, I never thought that someone would really have to go to these types of things, and to be honest…the frustrating thing is the idea of going to ‘class’ (Who wants to go to class anyway?!?!). But after attending our first couple of sessions, I may have to backtrack on my initial feelings. It’s actually kinda cool.

One of the biggest things that stuck with me from the 2nd week’s class is the difference of how a Man and Woman react to Love & Respect in relationships. By the very nature of woman, they “Love”, they react and perform “Love”, through words and actions. It is something that they do without having to work, or plan for. It just…is. But for men, showing “Love” to our partner is not a natural gift that we have (But we DO LOVE our women!!!). It is not in our forefront to naturally react and show “Love” to our partner as it is like women. It is because of this difference that sometimes makes women feel “unloved” or “not cared for” (I’m sure many men can attest to this!!), when the opposite is true.

For “RESPECT”, Men (at least most men), respect is something that is embedded in our DNA. Of course, we Love and Respect our partner, but it is easier for us to show and give respect, than to display love. It is something that we do without having to work, or plan for. It just…is. But for women, although they understand it, they don’t apply it naturally like we do, in comparison with “Love”.

Without getting into too much detail, I thought it is good to sum up this topic and say that a part of having a harmonious relationship, men must be proactive to show love. And women, to proactively show respect to the man. Without respect to the man, he will not show love. And without showing love to the women, she will have a hell of hard time giving you her respect!!!

This is just a small but significant piece in the pre-marriage class that has definitely got me interested…and also hopefully for everyone else! More to come!


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How to Choose a Good Life-Partner!

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I recently read about parents teaching their children how to choose a good husband/wife.. I thought this was great and wished I was given advice such this when I was younger, but then I realized, it’s never too late to learn! So I am hoping that my thoughts on this subject will become a motivation to some…

Naturally, you would think that a “chemistry” is what every couple should have. But what is “chemistry” supposed to be? I am hoping that most of us will agree that it’s beyond the physical attraction (although I’m sure some may beg the differ ;P ). We all grow up in different homes so we develop different ideas, don’t forget influences of parents! Although there are many topics to address, I think in short, personality differences, religious differences and learning how to negotiate and solve issues are things people should consider when choosing a life-partner.

As we get older and wiser, we start to realize that it’s ok to look for someone beyond the surface because the “bigger picture” is– we all want to share that “happily ever after” with someone 🙂


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God speaks the Love languages


Here’s a favorite blog written by Gary Chapman, author of the book “The 5 Languages of Love” (a good read for any one in-love with love or just want to know more about it!) Happy reading!!!! 🙂

“A number of years ago, when I wrote the book: The 5 Love Languages, I realized rather quickly that all of these love languages flow from God’s love. He speaks all five languages fluently. The Bible is filled with ‘Words of Affirmation’ where God verbalizes His love to us. Christmas reminds us that He gave us the greatest gift of all when He sent His son. Yes, God is a ‘Gift Giver’. What about ‘Acts of Service’? That is what the cross is all about. Christ paid our penalty. Follow the life of Jesus and you see Him speaking the love language of ‘Physical Touch’. And for all who want it, God is ready to spend ‘Quality Time’. Turn your thoughts toward him and you will find his thoughts are already on you. God is love.” -Gary Chapman

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