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MJ & Chris Wedding Highlight Video / Palm Event Center, Pleasanton CA

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Some things are worth the wait… buying a house, getting that job, going on that memorable trip, but most of all, finding the love of your life and yes – marrying him! Our wedding highlight video not only takes me back to a very special day. It takes me back to the time when Chris Dacoron and I found each other and fell in-love.
Great things have happened and we’ve shared so much this year. Though this video is overdue, it’s 100% worth the wait and it has to be shared – we hope you enjoy it!! 😉
Thank you to our best friends and love ones who shared this day with us. Kudos to our photographer and videographer, especially the editor (see credits at end of video). Our wedding day will be forevermore remembered
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[MJS Real Weddings] Maricar + Lucas Wedding, Extended Highlight Video

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I had the honor of planning Maricar & Lucas’ wedding and I can’t believe it has been two years since they got married at the beautiful Winery SF in Treasure Island, CA.

It was a simple, yet sophisticated and classic, type of wedding. With white orchids and succulents as part of their design and decor. One of my favorite details, was Maricar’s wedding dress – it was elegant and delicate in it’s own way – just like the Bride was 🙂

Maricar & Lucas are one of the sweetest couples I know and their wedding party had an awesome energy – one of the best I’ve ever seen! Watch their highlight video to see what I mean!!!

Happy watching and as always, thanks for your support! ❤

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MJ & Chris’ Extended Wedding Same-Day-Edit (SDE) Video + Highlight!!!

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As a wedding planner/coordinator/consultant and also a former Bride, I highly recommend hiring a videographer and at the least, including a highlight video of your wedding day in your package. There are tons of options, like Same-Day-Edit (SDE), which is a video that is shown on the same day of your wedding. Every videographer/editor is different, but for the most part, SDE will capture the morning of until about the first dance during the reception. You will also have a video to share right after your wedding day, since full highlight videos can take a few months (sometimes almost a year) to be completed. I think SDE is a good ending to every Newlywed’s “best day ever” so if you can make it work with budget, two words… “DO IT!!!”

I’m excited to be sharing this again and will share it here so I don’t ever lose the link! =P

I hope you enjoy watching our SDE and please stay tuned for our full wedding highlight video – COMING SOON!!!

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Chris’ Spot: Pre-Marriage Class

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Hello everyone! My name is Chris, and I am MJ’s fiancé. This is my first post in MJ’s blog, and I thought it would be cool to share some things about pre-marriage class we started attending last month.

We started going to the classes because as you already know, we are currently planning our wedding and we want to make sure we get to know the pastor who will be marrying us, but most importantly, we want to make sure we learn and know exactly what we need to do before marriage. Now, the funny thing is, I never thought that someone would really have to go to these types of things, and to be honest…the frustrating thing is the idea of going to ‘class’ (Who wants to go to class anyway?!?!). But after attending our first couple of sessions, I may have to backtrack on my initial feelings. It’s actually kinda cool.

One of the biggest things that stuck with me from the 2nd week’s class is the difference of how a Man and Woman react to Love & Respect in relationships. By the very nature of woman, they “Love”, they react and perform “Love”, through words and actions. It is something that they do without having to work, or plan for. It just…is. But for men, showing “Love” to our partner is not a natural gift that we have (But we DO LOVE our women!!!). It is not in our forefront to naturally react and show “Love” to our partner as it is like women. It is because of this difference that sometimes makes women feel “unloved” or “not cared for” (I’m sure many men can attest to this!!), when the opposite is true.

For “RESPECT”, Men (at least most men), respect is something that is embedded in our DNA. Of course, we Love and Respect our partner, but it is easier for us to show and give respect, than to display love. It is something that we do without having to work, or plan for. It just…is. But for women, although they understand it, they don’t apply it naturally like we do, in comparison with “Love”.

Without getting into too much detail, I thought it is good to sum up this topic and say that a part of having a harmonious relationship, men must be proactive to show love. And women, to proactively show respect to the man. Without respect to the man, he will not show love. And without showing love to the women, she will have a hell of hard time giving you her respect!!!

This is just a small but significant piece in the pre-marriage class that has definitely got me interested…and also hopefully for everyone else! More to come!


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Engage31: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue


Hi all, I can’t believe January is over!! Per my last post in my new series Engage31, (excited about the feedback I’ve received so far by the way, S/O to Anne-Marie and speeray :)), I promised I would share my wedding planning journey with you, so here I am, ready to share the next steps I took after being engaged. Chris and I are now 8 months out from our wedding date, and we have done several tasks in the last month (no wonder it went by so fast!). The next big decision we made was booking our wedding venue. So today, I hope that with this post, I can be more helpful in your search of finding your perfect wedding venue.

So how do you choose the perfect wedding venue!!??? Most women will have a dream venue, while others will not. If you are most women, then you’re all set! Just make sure your dream venue is available on your date. However, if you are like me and you have never dreamed of your wedding venue -ever, it’s totally ok. I think that not having a dream venue has its advantages because there’s nothing to compare to and there are no big expectations, which makes it easier and more fun! For me, I feel that the best way on finding your perfect/dream venue is by understanding what you “want” and “do not want”. Before Chris and I dove into our venue hunting, we made a list of things important to us and we prioritized it. It looked something like this:

*budget (food & beverage min. vs rental)
*guests convenience (commute/accommodations/parking)
*food quality

When you site a venue that is just absolutely amazing, it really is hard not falling in-love with it! I really fell in-love with the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco 🙂 But it wasn’t the perfect venue for Chris and I. By jotting down the important things to both of us gave us clarity on the best/perfect venue for our wedding. We went back & forth for a whole week about which direction to go, but in the end, our list really helped us stay focused on our “needs” versus “wants”. And that’s how we were able to make a decision on our wedding venue, and feel really good about it! 🙂

For sure there are tons of questions you should ask when looking for your wedding venue. But I think the most important question is “what’s most important to you and your fiancé?”

If you’re also in between wedding planning or thinking about shopping for your dream venue soon, I would love to hear about your list! Feel free to share in the comments below.

Until next time… happy planning!!! XOXO, MJ

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#Engage31 (Yes, I’m Engaged!!!)

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#Embrace31 is what I would have titled this post, but I am excited to share with everyone that my boyfriend, Chris (of almost 4 years), proposed to me the morning of my 31st birthday celebration. The whole day was filled with surprises after surprises, I was so overwhelmed with happiness by the end of the day 🙂 I’m so thrilled to finally plan my own wedding and share more wedding stuff with you here as I spearhead the process. Stay tuned!!!

I also do want to share with you what I did for my birthday!! I wanted to have something more than just an outdoor get-together in the winery and immediately, I was inspired by “rustic backyard picnic style” decor. I had a lot of fun putting together ideas and here’s a quick collage I made to share 🙂

What are your plans for your upcoming birthday party? Please share any theme ideas below.

Happy planning,