Having MJ as our wedding planner for our June 30, 2017 wedding was the best choice my husband and I made towards our road to wedding planning…She also does a very good job negotiating. Weddings are expensive, and if there is a chance to bring some numbers down, MJ was great at that! Further, we’ve experienced some challenges along the way such as our venue not being as responsive as we hoped. With MJ’s drive and passion towards her job, she was able to turn the situation around and let’s just say, our venue cooperated! Lastly, we give major kudos to MJ because, throughout the duration of our 1-year planning, MJ was pregnant majority of the time with her first baby. As our wedding grew closer, she was faced with the challenges of being a new mom however, this new mom did not stop her from giving her best and ensuring our dream come true wedding came to life!